Maybe you’ve dreamed of being an accomplished chef. Perhaps cooking is just a relaxing hobby. Or maybe you’re motivated to start from scratch and learn cooking basics.

Kitchen Classroom provides an approachable and fun environment for your culinary goals. You’ll learn from incredibly qualified and passionate instructors, and small class size ensures all your questions will get answered.

Variety is the spice of life, and cooking classes at Kitchen Classroom will introduce you to cuisines and flavor profiles from around the world that are new to you!

Basic knife skills are reviewed before most classes, and you’ll have a chance to learn the difference in cooking techniques like saute, sear and roast, as well as prep terms like chop, dice and mince, and you get to enjoy your delicious meal at the end of class!

You’ll go home with more cooking confidence, a print out of your new recipe, and possibly even new friends!

Be sure to note any food allergies when registering for your class.