Kitchen Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on knowing our way around the kitchen, and we’d love the opportunity to help you create a kitchen design with the perfect layout from a chef’s perspective, with a practical approach. Our kitchen design consulting services are available in the greater Richmond, VA area.

Kitchen Design Consulting – How To Store The Basics
If your cabinets are full of things you don’t use often, or aren’t even sure HOW to use, this service is perfect! Are you moving and want to get a fresh start in your kitchen? Let us optimize what you already own, determine what’s missing, and create a better kitchen storage system that allows all your items to be quick and easy to use. From essential small appliances to discerning utensils, to love-to-have gadgets, we can guide you to outfit your kitchen so cooking in it is exciting and simple.

Local Pantry Organization Consultant
Give us the opportunity to rummage through your pantry and suggest a wide array of staples so you can make dinner in a pinch, or only buy select ingredients for that delicious new recipe you’ve been wanting to try out. Our professionally trained chef will know the essentials and a few surprises that you will want to keep on hand for special events.

Richmond Kitchen Design Services
It may be fun and easy to imagine the beautiful cabinet doors and the attractive flooring, but it can be overwhelming to think about the infinite appliance options, and electrical, plumbing and gas line decisions for your kitchen. Whether it’s new construction, kitchen update or complete kitchen makeover, we can work with your architect or general contractor, or give you our recommendations that you can share. You’ll always have complete control over the project, we’ll simply guide you to make choices based on budget, efficiency, and ultimately your vision. Our Kitchen Design and Consulting Services bring together 20+ years of experience in a variety of kitchen designs and culinary needs.

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