Modern Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole has long been a staple of holiday tables, at least since canned soup and French’s onions have been around.  And though familiar and often beloved, I am not sure it has ever been good.

Years ago, when working at a business that did take-out catering for holidays I decided I could no longer make the traditional green bean casserole and needed to offer an updated, made from scratch version.  Over the years that has evolved into the dish that I present here.  

Fresh green beans, mixed mushrooms, wine and cream sauce, toasted breadcrumbs, hitting all the flavors and most of the textures of the original, with a fresh, modern, and non-processed feel.  If you want to add the crunchy onions, check out your local asian market for crispy shallots or onions and mix those in with the bread crumbs. 

View our recipe here.

TKC_Green Beans

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