Maque Choux

Maque Choux is a dish from Louisiana in the creole cooking repertoire, which is thought to be a mix of Creole and Native American influence. There is definitely more written on the topic, but what I know more than anything is that it is a delicious dish that deserves more notoriety and a place on your table. A year ago I wasn’t aware of its existence, but came across the dish while looking for vegetable centric dishes for a cajun/creole class, since then it has become a regular side dish on my table.

With the addition of a protein it can also be served as a main, and we have used it as a base for a fantastic cajun pasta dish which I suggest making with a small shaped pasta such as orecchiette or a shell.

I make this anytime of year, and it is great with frozen corn and has a nice warming character from the peppers, perfect for winter. However, where it truly shines for me is in the heart of summer, when the corn, peppers, and tomatoes are all fresh from the garden or your local farmers market.

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TKC_Maque Choux

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