Sausage Gravy


Sausage Gravy over a biscuit with some cheesy scrambled eggs is by far, my favorite breakfast. There is really nothing I don’t love about it, except maybe the way it is most commonly made, with sausage broken into tiny little crumbles inside of a thick milk gravy. So as I worked on my biscuit recipe, I also worked on my gravy, because why be able to make one without the other.

The key components that differentiate my recipe from most are cooking the sausage as whole patties and then breaking them up by hand, the addition of finely diced onion and celery, and the use of a blend of mostly chicken stock with some cream. These serve to make a more savory and richer gravy while not becoming heavy and cloying. It also gives it more texture with varying sizes of well browned sausage and tender bits of vegetable. My gravy is a little thinner than many recipes, so that when it slightly cools as it’s plated then eaten, it doesn’t become overly thick and stodgy.

And as I side note, I implore you to always, ALWAYS open up your biscuit before topping with gravy!

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